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AGF Bundles in the House!

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Hi friends! It's a happy day when a shipment of Art Gallery Fabrics arrives on Sublime Stitchery's doorstep. I have four new bundles in the shop today! Check out the gorgeous inspo below.

Bookish by Sharon Holland

Bookish by Sharon Holland encapsulates the delightful moments of drinking a hot cup of tea, reading a good book, and curling up in a cozy quilt. This collection tells a tale of classic romance and modern whimsy in dusty-colored book covers of rose, burgundy, teal, peach, and gold.



Picturesque by Katarina Roccella

Katarina Roccella channels her inner William Morris in this collection, Picturesque! Capturing traditional 19th-century European designs with lush florals and contrasting embellishments.



Eve by Bari J.

In honor of the strength and endurance of the female spirit, Eve, the mother of us all, represents the beautiful qualities of being a woman through prints of fierce cheetahs, graceful herons, and gentle butterflies.



Cozy & Magical by Maureen Cracknell

Maureen Cracknell is back to bring in festive cheer with her collection, Cozy & Magical! Celebrating cherished traditions like decorating the tree with twinkling ornaments, wrapping presents, and cozy sweaters, these whimsical prints have everything you need to make holiday sewing magical.


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