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Welcome to Sublime Stitchery

Unleash Your Creative Sewing and Quilting Journey!

Hello! I'm Julie and I'm thrilled to be your guide here at Sublime Stitchery.


My Background

Allow me to introduce myself: I'm a fourth-generation Aucklander, born and bred,

with creativity running through my veins. Creativity runs in the family, my mother was a renowned leather worker, my Nana - a skilled seamstress and dressmaker and my Grandmother - a talented milliner and macrame artist, who all owned their own businesses. This heritage of craftsmanship has deeply influenced my journey into the world of sewing and design. These early influences set the stage for my lifelong passion for creating with my hands.

My professional journey has been diverse. I began my career as a paediatric theatre nurse and later, I pursued my passion for architecture, re-training and dedicating my career to Heritage Architecture. This unique blend of medical expertise and architectural vision informs my approach to sewing and crafting.

Julie Robertson, owner of Sublime Stitchery

My Quilting Journey

The pivotal moment in my sewing journey occurred during a conversation with a friend about a sewing and quilting night class. She urged me to explore this world and fate intervened when I found myself gazing at Cushla's Village Fabrics through my office window. That day, I embarked on a journey that would change my life.

The initial spark came from a quilt pattern I stumbled upon in a magazine. With the help of the wonderful staff at Cushla's Village Fabrics, I set out to create my "First Quilt." Armed with a sewing machine, tools, and sheer determination, I met my friend halfway between our home towns for a week of sewing and learning. That week was transformative and ignited my passion for quilting. I since joined two local quilting groups which I still regularly attend and I have also supported numerous Quilt Pattern and Bag Designers as a pattern tester. Some of my favourite quilts are a result of pattern testing.

Sublime Stitchery is Born

I took a break from my career to raise our three boys, a period that allowed me to fully embrace my love for design through sewing. My husband, Steve, has been a constant source of support, steering our ship with wisdom and a solid work ethic. He also tolerates my fabric addiction with love and humour.


What drives Sublime Stitchery is my unwavering interest in design - from writing patterns, procuring fabric and teaching the finer details of zipper pouch construction. Sublime Stitchery's mission is moving in this direction:

To help new and experienced sewers gain confidence to sew zippered pouches and bags, through well-written patterns, comprehensive mini-courses, the sale of beautiful fabrics, notions and zipper pouch kits.


I aim to empower even the youngest sewers, ensuring they can confidently embark on sewing projects they'll cherish. Supplying premium designer quilting and sewing fabric and notions, not otherwise found anywhere else in New Zealand along with Zipper Pouch Kits are where Sublime Stitchery holds it's niche. All things take time, so check back for new products and updates. My vision for Sublime Stitchery is:

Sublime Stitchery teaches, inspires, delights and encourages sewists to create zipper pouches and bags that they LOVE - for themselves or to gift.

Remaining well connected to the quilting and sewing community has been an important part of establishing Sublime Stitchery on the New Zealand and world stage. I continue to be involved in two international business groups and I am committed to building a quality, sustainable business which continues to grow and inspire. The values of Sublime Stitchery will always be:

Sublime Stitchery is honest, inclusive and accessible worldwide. Sublime Stitchery offers high-quality products whether physical or digital.

Join Our Creative Community

Sublime Stitchery is committed to sharing expertise, inspiring your creativity and providing high-quality products and patterns. Whether you're a seasoned quilter or a novice seamstress, we hope have something for you. Explore our website for zipper pouch and quilt patterns, along with DIY kits designed to simplify your crafting journey.

We believe in the joy of creating with your hands and we're here to support you every step of the way. Join our community and let's stitch together.

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