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New Pouches in Store!

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

If you love your Liberty Fabrics then this Boxy Pouch is ready to ship to you! Featuring subtle quilted panels, leather zipper pull and a bright solid lining. And as you already know this cutie can hold all the things, makeup, jewellery, cosmetics, hand sanitiser and masks, bits and pieces, odds and ends, truely there are endless uses! The handy handle helps you grab and go. It also makes it easier to grab out of the dark depths of your bigger tote bag.

If Liberty fabrics aren't you thing, then how about this gorgeous fabric from one of my favourite fabric designers, Sharon Holland? Rich autumn florals paired with a soft linen are a match made in heaven. Finishing touches include leather accents and a floral zipper pull.

Another new pouch in the shop is this versitile double zipper pouch for the Pokemon fan in your life. Again the uses are endless, but storing Pokemon cards is high on the list!

Don't forget to add a couple of face masks to your order to take advantage of free shipping or flat rate shipping!

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